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About us

We are experienced travel agency owners, magisters of economy specialized for tourist managment. We established Jezeratours in 1996. as the first private travel agency in area, having personal aproach to the clients as the biggest strenght . Now we want to continue in the same direction, with accent on smaller groups and connection to music, fun, gastronomy and passion for life in general. Murter island is one of the most beautifull spots on whole Adriatic coast, filled with great opportunities for accomodation, swimming, excursions, yachting programs, diving trips, enjoying in local cousine and in numerous music festival s as well. Let us be your hosts here. We provide, you enjoy.

Why book with us

  • Trusted service
  • Friendly and personal approach
  • Non-commercial programs with unique experience
  • Hidden nature, secret spots and beaches
  • 25 years of experience in travel agency running
  • Enjoying in local gastronomy, wine, music and life in general